Similarities between Bowling and Shuffleboard

Bowling or ten pin bowling as it is commonly known is an extremely popular game. Shuffleboard follows closely in popularity. There are some vast similarities between the two games and the only big difference is that shuffleboard is played on a board and bowling is done in a ten pin bowling alley.

Both of these games require a good arm (to aim), a good strategy in order to avoid the alley and good shooting skills. Sometimes people purchase small ten pin bowling pins for use on a shuffleboard. When playing bowling on a shuffleboard you can use the traditional weights in the place of a bowling ball.
Setting up a bowling triangle is standard for a good bowling game and serves as great target practice. Constant practising will enable you to become an expert at more advance levels of bowling as well.

While playing on a shuffleboard you can set up your pins along one side of the table. You should start these pins set ups from the first foul line ending at the deuce and trey zones. As you aim with the puck you should shoot from the opposing side of the shuffleboard table in order to practise your shooting technique.
If you want to intensify your training, you should start from your weakest angle and this usually depends on whether you are left or right handed.
After you have practised and knocked over all of the pins on the one side of the table, you should tray practising alternately with your left and right hands. Make an obstacle course out of your shuffleboard table and set up the pins along both sides and shoot at them alternately in one session.

Once you are comfortable with the straight line practising you can start putting the pins all over the table in order to practise your shooting skills from all angles. This is much the same as practising angles and shooting in regular ten pin bowling games. You are also able to choose the angle you’re shooting from and practice your aim and shooting strength to perfection.

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