Possibilities Multiply If you Send a Fax to Email


When using fax to email services as an alternative to conventional fax machines, then you will make the process of sending and receiving faxes much easier on yourself, as well as a lot more affordable. You will also create the opportunity for you to conduct your business in a far easier way.

fax-to-emailFree fax to email services have grown in popularity in recent years as more and more companies are becoming fully aware of all the benefits that this service poses to them. The way this service works is quite simple. You simply need to sign up to a fax to email service provider, who will then provide you with your own fax to email phone number.This phone number will then be attached to your own email address.

You can then send a fax from the Internet in the following way:

  • Compose a new message in your inbox as you would any other email message
  • In the recipient field, type the intended recipient’s fax number where you would usually type the email address
  • Attach the fax message you want to send in any of the popular formats as you would any other attachment to an email message. Popular formats vary from Word documents to Excel and PDF documents

Type in a subject into the subject line and type your cover letter into the body of the email. Now you simply need to press send in order to send a fax from the Internet.

Learn more about fax to email at www.bodyfax.com.

Benefits to using this service include not having to queue in line anymore to get a chance at the fax machine. Certain offices are so big that they needed to invest in more than one dedicated fax line. This would quickly impact the company’s bottom line. Now you can use your Internet connection and PC to send fax to email without having to pay for any dedicated fax lines.

These are of course only some of the many benefits associated with using this service. Invest in the very latest software and technology and save money on sending faxes from the Internet.

For more information, visit www.charityfax.com.

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