A Guide To Planning A Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is the perfect option for any kind of event. Birthdays, holidays and accomplishments can all be celebrated with a fabulous cocktail party. Friends, acquaintances, work colleagues and business associates can all be accommodated as well.

Cocktail parties are a popular option because they can be held at home without having to find chairs for hire or tents for hire. While venue or marquee hire would be more appropriate if you are planning to invite quite a lot of guests and host an extravagant affair, in most instances your house or apartment can easily be turned into the ideal cocktail party venue.

Cocktail Party

Tips for planning the perfect cocktail party:

1. Get the timing right
Cocktail parties generally start after supper and last for approximately 3 hours. You may also want to host a party later in the week as opposed to early in the week. For example, a cocktail party starting at 8pm on a Thursday or Friday night would probably be much more successful than one starting at 6pm on a Tuesday.

2. Make sure that you have enough ice
Never leave buying ice until the last minute because you may find that there grocery store does not have enough ice for you. Buy ice over two or three days because you will need about one pound of ice for every guest attending.

3. Make sure that you have enough glasses
Always have 2 glasses for every guest attending the cocktail party. You should have a few varieties of glasses to make sure that all types of drinks can be accommodated. For example, a selection of wine glasses, tumblers, highballs and martini glasses would be the ideal.

4. A stocked bar makes for the perfect cocktail party
A good selection of alcohol and mixers are essential if you wish to make sure that you have something for everyone. Remember than the designated drivers would probably appreciate low-alcohol content and alcohol-free drink options.

5. Catering
While most guests will not expect much food to be served at the cocktail party, a few finger foods and light snacks are always welcome. Be sure to have a variety of options available. Vegetarian options should be clearly identifiable. When catering you should ensure that you have approximately 6 or more bites per guest.

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